The rescued dog sleeps with his plate every night and carries it with him everywhere he goes.

This dog sleeps much of the time near his bowl. The fact that he brings it with him wherever he sleeps makes it extremely hilarious. A woman picked up the puppy after viewing images of him on the shelter’s website.

This made her want to give him a home. The woman’s second animal, which had recently spent time at the shelter as well, is now a member of the four-legged family. Soon after the dog was originally acquired, the owner became aware of its peculiar behavior.

She was taken aback by the justification. When his owner wasn’t there, the dog never had to worry about being alone since his half-brother was constantly at his side.

The woman’s attention was swiftly diverted by the dog, who was preoccupied with something else. It turns out that the dog considers his dish like a valuable treasure since he is so connected to it!

The dog’s conduct has remained the same in the two years following the occurrence. She understood that in his mind, his own bowl stands for the most important things: shelter and comfort. What a sweet puppy, no?

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