A caring woman took a sick dog and after a perfect treatment she changed her unrecognizably

Lauren Buckley was the caring and good-hearted woman who had the chance to help the poor dog in need and she succeeded. She saw the pic of the miserable animal on Facebook and rushed to save her. She did her best to rescue the one who was in the verge of death.

The dog named Laney was in a terrible state and it was really hard to look at her. First of all, Lauren took the unfortunate creature to the veterinarian, where she was diagnosed with demodicosis and secondary infections. This disease is very serious and if Laney had not been treated in time, she would have had a sad end.

Lauren did everything she could to get her dog back to health as soon as possible. Every day Laney was given antibiotics for four months. In addition, coconut oil was added to her meals, applied it to her skin, and she was taken medicinal baths twice a week.

Fortunately, due to the fact that she was treated on time, the dog recovered.

Lainie slowly began to gain strength and became more beautiful every day.

Now she looks wonderful and all this due to a great love and care from the adorable woman who was by her side all the time.

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