Famous actors who still continue to act in films, despite their advanced age

Actually, when people lose their favorite pastime or hobby, they get in a crisis. But there are ones who gain a huge energy and enthusiasm to keep on doing their lovely job. It is more interesting that there are stars who are already over 70, and they continue to inspire us with their creativity. Let’s find out together about famous actors who are still acting in films at a respectable age.

Michael Caine, 89

Michael Caine was a soldier in the Korean War, which he miraculously survived. After the war, he studied acting at evening courses and later worked in the theater. Michael gained international recognition for his role as the aristocratic Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead in «Zulu» and has appeared in over 158 roles. Now Kane is involved in the filming of several movies, one of them is «Illusion of Deception 3».

Donald Sutherland, 87

The actor’s first job was a role in the horror film «Castle of the Living Dead». However, the film «Military Field Hospital» brought him fame. The actor is filming now and is going to continue in the same spirit.

Anthony Hopkins, 84

The role of serial killer Hannibal Lecter in «The Silence of the Lambs» made Anthony prominent in the whole world and in 1991 he received his first Oscar in the nomination for best male role in a film. The wonderful actor continues to act to this day.

Morgan Freeman, 85

Morgan Freeman is one of the most famous black actors and directors in the United States. The celebrity has received awards at film festivals around the world. He received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and two Golden Globes. Hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world have seen Freeman in films such as «The Shawshank Redemption», «The Million Dollar Baby». Even at his such a senior age, a talented actor leads an active lifestyle.

Al Pacino, 82

Al Pacino made his film debut in «I, Natalie» and became a successful actor, winning the prestigious «Tony Award» for Best Drama in 1969 and 1977. The Oscar-winning roles in «The Godfather», «Scarface», and the «Scent of a Woman» were the main grounds for his popularity. To date, he has appeared in 57 films. His latest film is «House of Gucci».

Michael Douglas, 77

Since childhood, Michael had a great desire to become an actor. The actor received his first experience in the film industry in 1969 (“Hello Hero”). And thanks to the detective series ‘Streets of San Francisco’, in which Michael played Captain Steve Keller, he became known to a wide audience. Douglas has appeared in more than 70 films, including «Star Trekkers», «Avengers: Ultimate Solution» and «Ant-Man».

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