The fattest girl in the world managed to lose weight. This is how she looks like now

Jessica Leonard from Chicago holds the weight record.

At the age of 7 her weight reached 222 kg.

She could not move on her own and needed the help of her mother, who brought her daughter to such a state.

The classic American version, when an overly loving mother cannot fight the whims and indulges any desire of her daughter.

As a result, the woman simply fed the child unhealthy food.

During the day, Jessica ate foods with a value of 10 thousand calories instead of 1800 (the norm for children of her age).

Moreover, the main diet consisted of fast food: pizza, hamburgers, soda, French fries and other high-calorie food.

The mother of the record-holder in weight also suffered from obesity, though not on such a scale.

The baby overcame the 100-kilogram at the age of 4.

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