She decimates the audience with her opening note after Simon calls her decision “crazy.”

When auditioning for a competition like The X Factor, the music you choose to sing is crucial. That is why Chloe Paige’s selection seemed to surprise the judges.

In addition to being challenging musically, this song has been played so frequently that it is challenging to give it a fresh interpretation. Even seasoned performers take extra care in how they present their material.


With Simon’s opening remark, “You’re a brave girl,” the audience’s ambiance shifted to one of anxiety. However, Chloe had altered their initial skepticism after hearing the first few notes. Even Simon, the cynic, was surprised.

“How lovely Amazing Grace sounds.”
Chloe’s confident delivery and powerful voice won the day. By the time the song was over, Simon acknowledged that she had performed well enough to advance to the following round as well as the finals.

Chloe Paige wants to make her family proud, so she sings unaccompanied. Do the Judges believe she made a brave decision but was it the right one? I believe the answer is obvious.

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