A little boy and girl enter the stage and give the judges a spectacular “Footloose” performance.

A little boy and girl enter the stage and give the judges a spectacular “Footloose” performance.


Paige and Artyon met while taking a dancing lesson in California, and they hit it off right away.

The couple’s adventure on AGT began when they performed Barbie Girl as part of their audition. The other judges were greatly charmed with their performance, even though Simon was unimpressed, and they were moved to the Judge Cuts.

I’ve Had the Time of My Life was the choice song for Artyon and Paige’s second performance, and it received a standing ovation from Heidi Klum, Mel B, and special guest judge Seal.

The two came back with a great dance number to Footloose in the subsequent episode.

Their Footloose performance was full of energy and wit, and it had the audience roaring.

The video below contains their entire Footloose performance.

She decimates the audience with her opening note after Simon calls her decision “crazy.”

When auditioning for a competition like The X Factor, the music you choose to sing is crucial. That is why Chloe Paige’s selection seemed to surprise the judges.

In addition to being challenging musically, this song has been played so frequently that it is challenging to give it a fresh interpretation. Even seasoned performers take extra care in how they present their material.


With Simon’s opening remark, “You’re a brave girl,” the audience’s ambiance shifted to one of anxiety. However, Chloe had altered their initial skepticism after hearing the first few notes. Even Simon, the cynic, was surprised.

“How lovely Amazing Grace sounds.”
Chloe’s confident delivery and powerful voice won the day. By the time the song was over, Simon acknowledged that she had performed well enough to advance to the following round as well as the finals.

Chloe Paige wants to make her family proud, so she sings unaccompanied. Do the Judges believe she made a brave decision but was it the right one? I believe the answer is obvious.

The sacrifices and forgiveness made by Lester Holt’s wife over the course of their 40-year marriage mean a “awful lot” to him.

When Lester Holt was still a student, he first met his wife. He asked her to join him in a breaking news story, and they soon got married. The couple has been married for forty years and still helps one another. Holt also enjoys being a proud grandfather and parent.

One of the most well-known journalists working for NBC is Lester Holt. However, the reporter had already found his future bride while he was just starting out and studying, before he became the well-known figure that he is now.

The tale of how Lester and his wife, Carol Hagen, first met was made public in a profile “People” magazine ran on the reporter in 2004. Carol was a flight attendant and the NBC journalist was still a student of government at California State University.

Lester was dispatched to handle a forest fire in Napa Valley when they first started dating, in the early 1980s. The reporter agreed, but he also invited his future wife to go with him. Carol recalls thinking that this was her first time attending a breaking news story.

After Carol was let go from the airline in 1981, the couple decided to get married in 1982, after which they ended up in New York, where Lester landed a job at KNXT (now KCBS-TV). The reporter moved between several positions at different companies after that.

The two welcomed their first son, Stefan Holt, in 1987, and a few years later, their second son, Cameron Holt, followed his brother into the world. With two children, Lester still devoted a lot of time to his job.

Carol commented that although she had to support her husband’s career, she knew from the start what she was getting herself into. Ever since that first trip she took with him, she knew she would have to be prepared for almost anything.

Carol’s Support Built a Strong Relationship
Lester admitted that without his wife’s support and understanding, he wouldn’t be where he was in his life. She knew and understood that he needed to leave home at irregular hours and that his job could call him in at any time. The journalist commented:

“She understands that when the bell rings, I like to answer it… I love her to death, she has been so wonderful, she knows this job is going to bring a lot of late-night phone calls, but she’s there for me and that means an awful lot.”

Lester admitted that, although Carol was always prepared to face unexpected situations, his job has taken its toll on her over time. He also expressed his gratitude towards how she handles the unexpected.

The two shared how they stuck together during tough times and how they made their relationship last so long. Lester opened up, saying their best tool had been laughter. He mentioned that they both find being silly and laughing often to be one of the best remedies.

Although newscasting seems to run in their blood, their family ties are also solid.
But Carol has also managed to build herself a successful career over the years. After her job with the airline came to an end, she turned to real estate. She became a licensed real estate agent working for The Corcoran Group.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Lester had to do his entire show from home, his wife stepped in for him again. He joked that when he needed to do interviews, Carol acted as his technical manager, set designer, and lighting director.

Lester Loves Being a Family Man
Despite being a devoted career man, Lester also ensures he spends enough time with his two sons. His oldest, Stefan, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and is co-anchor of NBC 4 New York’s 4 p.m. newscast.

The father and his three sons make the best of every holiday by coming together for food and family. They usually come together at Stefan’s house to enjoy his backyard and use his barbecue. Lester also said he loves Tex-Mex occasions.

Stefan and his wife, Morgan, had their third child, making Lester a proud grandfather three times over. When the second one was born, Lester was unfortunately away on a business trip, but the family made sure they celebrated the moment he was back.

During the pandemic, Stefan released a photo of his two kids in his home studio. In an interview, Lester commented on seeing the picture and how his grandchildren reminded him of being a father to his two boys.

After trying for a long time to get his grandkids to call him “Granddude,” Lester’s plan succeeded one night when they saw him on the news.
The news anchor also told the story of how he took his two kids to the studio one day, and they enjoyed seeing the set and how things were done. That day, they also took a photograph, and Lester remembered that it was the first day Stefan showed interest in his future career.

Although newscasting seems to run in their blood, their family ties are also solid. In a heartwarming scene for NBC, Stefan called out, “Hi, Dad!” before handing his segment over. Lester is also proud of Cameron, his younger son. Cameron decided to carve his own path career-wise.

Lester the Granddude
Stefan and his wife, Morgan, are the proud parents of three children. As a grandfather, Lester is almost prouder of their little ones than they are. The news anchor is also a laid-back granddad who likes having fun with the kids. He shared a sweet anecdote:

“[Morgan] said, ‘Well, what do you guys want to be called?’ And I said, ‘I think I want to be ‘Granddude’ because ‘grand,’ it bows to the fact that I’m older. But ‘dude’ says, ‘I still got a little bit. I still got a little,’ you know?”

After trying for a long time to get his grandkids to call him “Granddude,” Lester’s plan succeeded one night when they saw him on the news. He shared that he was feeling down then when an unexpected clip from Morgan cheered him up.

At the time, Lester was done with his broadcast, and he felt like he didn’t do a great job. On his way home, Morgan sent him a photo of one of his grandkids seeing him on TV and exclaiming, “Granddude!” Lester admitted:

“I just melt. You know, that’s the thing about kids. It takes you out of everything else going on in your life.”

Lester and his wife also love babysitting their grandkids over the weekends. On his Instagram, he shared a post of him with his grandkids and captioned it, “Any weekend with the grandsons is a great weekend!”

The news anchor also likes to take his grandkids to see where he works when he gets the chance. In another post, he was photographed hanging out with two of the boys at the studio.

Lester is clearly a doting “Granddude.” Speaking to Jimmy Fallon about this special role, he told the host, “Everything they say about being a grandparent is true.”

The iconic “Dirty Dancing” dance had everyone on their feet in a matter of seconds after a man held a woman gently on the ice.

There are many different renditions of “The Time Of My Life,” a great song from the movie Dirty Dancing.

The song occasionally plays at weddings, parties, and other occasions, and once it starts, it is impossible to ignore.

But the ice dancing performance you’re going to witness is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

In order to achieve their goals, professional ice skaters frequently train for several years and may put in long training sessions every day, seven days a week.

But when they enter the arena and are welcomed with love and affection by the crowd, it’s all worthwhile.

And seeing these great skaters move to the melody of “The Time of My Life” will give you chills!

It seems like only yesterday that this song began to play over the speakers. “Dirty Dancing” debuted more than three decades ago… But the movie’s theme song, “The Time of My Life,” is timeless.

The song topped the charts in 1987 and stayed there for a long time.

Although Stefania and Ondrej no longer skate together, their routine from a few years ago is breathtaking, and we can always return to watch their spectacular ice dance.

That’s why this video has recently made headlines and gone viral! They complement each other perfectly. It is impossible to ignore such chemistry on ice.

After 87 days, the mom gave birth to the daughter’s twin sister. What modern-day girls look like

When Maria and Chris Jones-Elliot learned they were having twin girls, they were overjoyed. They were anticipating the arrival of two younger sisters at once because they already had an older son and daughter.

The names Amy and Katie were predetermined by the couple for the girls. Although the twins were due to arrive in September, things didn’t go according to schedule. Being in her 24th week of pregnancy at the end of May, Maria sensed that she would give birth soon. She went to the closest clinic, where she gave birth to her daughter Amy on June 1.

Despite being born early, the infant felt perfectly normal considering that she barely weighed 540 grams. But her sister took her time giving birth. The mother’s unique physical characteristics allowed her to continue to wait for her term.

Only 87 days after her twin sister’s birth, on August 27, 2012, Maria gave birth to Katie. Katie was about 44 cm tall and weighed 2550 kilos.

At practically the same time, the twins were given permission to return home. Although Amy had gained a lot of weight by that point, she was still visibly smaller than her sister.

The girls, whose births were separated by over 3 months, instantly caught the interest of journalists. Additionally, they broke a world record, which the Guinness Book of Records officials noted.

Even though Amy and Kathy are twins, they have two birthdays. And in each of them, both girls receive congratulations and gifts.

By the age of a year, Amy had practically caught up with her younger sister in development. The twins became very similar to each other in appearance, but the characters of the girls appeared completely different.

Now Amy is already 8 years old, and Katie is only 7, but she will celebrate her birthday soon and catch up with her sister. The twin girls are already preparing to enter the second grade of elementary school this year. They learn very well and help each other in everything.

The girls’ names are written on their schoolbags to make it easier for classmates and teachers to tell them apart. But parents can easily find many differences among their daughters, who were born with a difference of 87 days.

With her beautiful desire to Mommy, an 18-month-old daughter touches 1.2 million people’s hearts.

The relationship between a mother and her child knows no bounds. It’s most likely the most pure sort of love there is.


It is unrestricted and unending love, even though a big wooden door stands between them.
That’s what we witnessed in a breathtakingly popular YouTube video that was just recently posted.

The young girl, Ivy, stood serenely outside the restroom door as her mother had a shower.
But it wasn’t because Ivy had to go to the bathroom. She may have left you wondering why she was there.

It turns out that the cute kid was only requesting a mommy hug.
When you’re searching for a huge hug, especially at her age, it can seem like an eternity. Around 18 months old when the video was recorded, Ivy.

Even though it wasn’t her birthday, she was still being carried around in a baby carriage and singing “happy birthday” to herself (it’s incredibly sweet).

Ivy is already standing on two feet and exploring the house.
This means Mom is no longer able to flee. If Ivy requires a hug, she can locate her mother anywhere in the house and demand one right away.

Ivy will ask for a hug even if her mother is in the shower.

Ivy says in the video, “I want Mommy.”

She’s standing just outside the restroom door, her eyes sadder than we’ve ever seen them.
They’ve only been together for a few minutes, but she clearly needs some mommy time.

As soon as Mom realizes her darling daughter is out there, she yells out Ivy’s name. This simply inspires the young girl, who then knocks softly on the wooden door. She’s too short to reach the door handle and open it herself, so she must knock and wait.

Dad is also outside, watching and filming the action.

Ivy, thankfully, does not have to wait long.
The door flies open in an instant, revealing Mom.

Ivy’s eyes light up when she sees her adored parent.
Hugging a child can provide reassurance, comfort, and even healing. Love is also an important consideration. Mom sweeps Ivy into her arms, and her whole demeanor shifts in an instant.

«She reminds me of those old-fashioned Dollys whose eyes open and close as you lift and lower them.» One YouTube commentator describes the video as “GORGEOUS.”

It’s a lovely sight, but it’s fairly common.
Several other mothers shared similar stories in the video’s comments section. Chaz Nonya, a mother, told the following amusing story:

«My child screamed every time I tried to shower when she was born.» When she was able to walk, she made sure I never took a shower alone. When we finally moved out (she was 23) and I took a shower, I called her and exclaimed, “Guess what?! ” «You had a peaceful shower?» she asked, knowingly. And we both laughed. »

Moms and daughters have an unbreakable bond that almost guarantees they will annoy each other for the rest of their lives. There is always one person you can count on when you need a hug. The individual’s name is Mom.

“We use 6 loaves of bread and 80 pints of milk a week,” I’ve had 12 kids in 12 years.

Having 12 children in 12 years, Courtney Rogers, 37, and her husband Chris, 34, juggle a lot of responsibilities in their everyday family life.

After giving birth to her youngest, a supermom who produced 12 children in 12 years transformed her family into a real-life Cheaper by the Dozen family.

In the United States, Courtney Rogers, 37, and her pastor husband Chris, 34, welcomed 6lb 12oz Cambria into the world on March 7. This brought their total number of children to the magical 12.

The parents say they never intended to have so many kids when they first decided to start a family, and even suffered a miscarriage when they first started trying — but now their brood is «perfect.»

Clint, their oldest son, was born on March 30, 2010, and after that, the couple had six females, then five more boys.

The fact that we started out with only boys and have had five daughters instead in the last several years is also incredible, added Courtney.

The oldest children are the six males, followed by the six girls (Illustration: PA Real Life).

«Clint was born three weeks before I turned 26 but I didn’t know I would have more kids at the time.

«I didn’t realize they would arrive so quickly or that they would also include a set of twins. I believed I was too old at 26.

«Then we said we would have 10 children maximum, but I still felt young and healthy enough, so we pushed it to 12.»

Clint, 12, Clay, 10, Cade, nine, Callie, eight, Cash, seven, twins Colt and Case, six, Calena, four, Caydie, three, Coralee, two, Caris, one, and now newborn baby Cambria.

As if the kids weren’t enough to run around after, they also live on a farm with more than 200 animals including pigs, sheep and chickens.

The family is now relieved to have little Cambria home after she spent the first few days of her life on oxygen after being delivered via C-section.

The tot swallowed too much fluid and had to be monitored for several days.

While Courtney and Chris had an agonising wait for news on Cambria’s condition they were reminded of the frightening birth of their second-youngest, Caris, who was delivered via emergency C-section when doctors feared she wasn’t getting enough oxygen.

Now with 12 children aged 12 and under, Courtney and Chris are getting stuck into family planning to manage the bunch.

Since first becoming a mum 12 years ago, the longest Courtney has gone without being pregnant is seven months. The biggest gap between two of the children is 20 months, during which time Courtney sadly had a miscarriage.

She said: «It is going to be strange not to have another baby.

» Pregnancy mostly treated me well, I didn’t get sick and was never on bedrest, so I could always look after the kids.


The judges adore it when an X-Factor contender gives “Hallelujah” a bit of grit.

When this parent declares that he would be playing one of the most covered songs in recent history, the judges are less than impressed. Even Simon Cowell is speechless once he cracks the first note.

Leonard Cohen, a Canadian singer-songwriter, first published “Hallelujah” in 1984 on his “Various Positions” album. However, it wasn’t until John Cale’s 1991 performance that the song became popular.

The version most of us are familiar with, though, is L.A. session player Jeff Buckley’s chart-topping hit from 1994. The tune has been recorded and performed by over 300 different musical artists since Buckley’s modest performance won our hearts.

American contestant Jeffery Adam Gutt pulls out the masterpiece for the most wonderful reason in this 2012 X Factor audition. Gutt claims that his primary purpose for auditioning is to support his 4-year-old son. This is a performance that any child would be proud of.

The obedient cat drives the kids to school every day and even tries to go inside with them.

Launa was rescued from a charity two years ago by Iveta, a mother of two. The cat quickly became a member of the family and formed special bonds with the boy and girl. The kids stayed at house a lot. She carried the youngsters around with them.

Iveta went to school every day so she could get free lunches even though the kids were homeschooled. Even after the kids started attending school full-time again, Launa stayed with them. Launa made the choice to go to school one day.

She sneaked into the building after the children, but she was swiftly caught. Iveta confessed to the instructor twice after being shocked by the cat’s audacity. Launa was trying to enter through the main doors when Iveta arrived at the school. It appeared that she was waiting for the proper time.

When she saw Iveta, the cat acted nothing has really happened. They were only able to get the cat inside securely by feeding it. Don’t give up; we’re convinced the cat will try again. What are your thoughts?