The owner met his stolen doggy after a long break. What a heartbreaking scene!

The man never lost his hope for finding his stolen doggy

It is known how effective are the service doggies especially for their owners. They not only help them in bad conditions but also give them much love and dedication.

This is a story about a man named Aaron Morris whose service doggy named Jolene was stolen with his car from gas station. The thief stole not only his car and the doggy in it but also all his belongings.

He didn’t lose his hope for finding his lovely baby and shared a note on social media and asked everyone to inform him if anyone saw the doggy.

Hours passed but the man didn’t got any call so he decided to offer 1000$ to the person who would find his doggy.

While the man was looking for his cutie, someone noticed the doggy on the street and handed her to the special organisation.

But the members couldn’t connect with the owner because his phone was stolen with the car so they decided to share the animal’s photo on social media and found the owner in that way.

Fortunately someone recognized the doggy and immediately informed the owner, who hurried to the organisation without losing time.

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