The Story of a Cute Donkey Who Always Sings With His Wonderful Voice for the Man Who Always Brings Treats for Her

The donkey prepared a wonderful surprise for his favorite friend

More than a year ago a man named Martin Stanton went for a walk when he came across such a wonderful little donkey named  Harriet. Martin was amazed from the very first moment when he met the cute donkey and he decided to fetch some treats for him. And from that day on a wonderful friendship began to develop.

Stanton has been regularly visiting the cutie pie and it has already become a tradition to bring lots of treats for him. The man has even got acquainted with the cutie’s owners and he tells that they are so kind and sociable people.

One day when Stanton was on a regular visit to his beloved donkey he was quite pleasantly surprised because the cutie pie had prepared a surprise for him. He couldn’t even imagine that the donkey could sing and that he has such a wonderful voice but it was actually so. When they met the little donkey started to sing with his wonderful voice as if thanking the man for all the treats that he always brings for him and for being so caring and kind to him.

Here is the touching moment in the video below:

“I was just amazed because I have never heard him sing. I was touched and amazed ay the same time when my beloved little friend began to sing. He surely earned his carrot that day.”- told the man.

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