A Woman Who Was Very Surprised to Find a Snake Snuggling With Her Family’s Chicken

The woman got surprised to see a snake snuggling with her chicken

A week ago when Sara Allison was in Texas, at her parents’ place she came across such a curious scene. When Allison went to check the family’s chicken’s she found out an unusual guest who decided to “nest” under one of the little fluffy creatures’ place. That  was a snake who was curled up beneath a hen.

Allison was very surprised but what was more surprising for her was that the chicken wasn’t frightened at all.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first visit of the snake to the coop but it was the first time he’d been caught cuddling with one of the hens.

It turned out that Allison’s parents know the snake quite well and her dad even calls him his “buddy.” They say that he visits the coop very often and doesn’t tend to harm anyone in the area.

Allison wandered if it was actually so and followed the whole process and after a while she noticed how the snake slithered away by himself.

Despite the fact that there was surely something strange about the snake-chicken cuddle there was as well something very sweet about it. This was an example of the fact that there exists a strong connection and true friendship even between so different creatures!

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