The World’s Sweetest Groomer Was Caught Dancing With One of His Client’s Doggy

The dancing couple of a groomer and a doggy

It is believed that a professional wash and trim can be considered a spooky and unpleasant experience for some dogs but an Argentine pet groomer named Luis Antonio Caballero has created his own method for making it fun for every furry costumer because the man really loves his job.

Here is the funniest short video that actually prove it!

It might be thought that Cabellero adores animals even more than his grooming or dancing business.

The doggy’s owner tells that she witnessed the man’s boundless affection and care towards the animals and how he does his best every time not to make the furry creatures feel tensed when being taken to him for a new haircut.

And what could be cuter and sweeter than feeling that much love and care from human beings towards our furry friends- animals!

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