The meeting of the retired doggy and her lovely soldier excited everyone!

Such a touching scene! The undivided friends were reunited again

We all know how big is the role of the soldiers for their country. Without their great job people can’t live safely.

But we have no right to forget about the doggies who serve in the army, too. Their role in the protection of humanity is unappreciable. They even are ready to put their lives under the danger for saving their lovely soldiers.

One of this brave doggies is Taylor, who is known as Tay-Tay among the soldiers.

The great job that the cutie did for her country and her lovely soldiers is unforgettable. The soldiers don’t forget what she did for their protection.

She didn’t hesitate for saving her lovely friends’ lives but there was one soldier with whom she was closer than the others.

They became inseparable and faithful friends.

After finishing her service in the army the doggy retired. Now her life isn’t under the danger.

When dogs retire they are usually adopted. In this case the soldiers who served with them have an opportunity to meet them but these meetings don’t happen frequently because it demands a lot of money.

But if there is a big desire the dreams come true. Thanks to the kindness of Molli Oliver the loyal friends were reunited again.

She is a flight attendant who didn’t hesitate for helping this cute couple. She always gives opportunities to soldiers who looking for ways to meet their service doggies. She does it by her own using only her money.

It was Hanson’s and Tay-Tay’s turn. She did her best for making their reunion reality.

After seeing the cute video of their reunion viewers became excited. The moment the smart doggy fell in her friend’s arms was heartbreaking.

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