When the deaf doggy saw his daddy after a long break he couldn’t hide his exciting emotions.

The meeting of the cute doggy and his lovely person attracted millions of people 

Everyone needs to have a pet especially doggy in their lives. The reason is obvious: they can devote to their owners with all their hearts and even they are ready to put their lives in danger only for protecting them.

Their love towards people is forever and each of us must appreciate their presence in our society.

Here is a cute story about a loyal doggy named Cotton, which shows humanity once more that their faithfulness and dedication towards people are forever.

The video melted millions of people’s hearts and became very famous on social media.

In the video it is seen how the cutie welcomed his lovely daddy whom he hadn’t seen for a long time.

The most touching thing is that the animal was deaf but it didn’t disturb him to feel that his daddy came back home. No one can expect what Cotton felt during the man’s absence and how much he suffered.

So it isn’t surprising that this nice video was seen 20 million times.

The worst thing is that the baby died because of the serious illness, about which his owners wrote on social media.

After watching the video you will stay speechless. It will completely break your heart.

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