After 22 years of separation and being in captivity, the two poor elephants warmly greeted each other and the moment of their reunion makes everyone burst into tears

These elephants were mercifully reunited after more than twenty years and the scene is one of the most heartwarming and touching ones the animal kingdom could have ever offered us. The moment clearly reveals how many similar characteristics we share with wild animals and they also possess feeling of grief, happiness and needy.

These two poor elephants haven’t seen each other for more than 20 years. Whereas the moment they fortunately met again the two affectionate creatures immediately recognized each other. No one can handle the way they meet each other after so many years being in captivity. The scene makes absolutely everyone burst into tears. Despite all the struggling and experiences they had gone through, they managed to find enough power to enjoy the precious moment they were finally reunited.

Behind this touching story, there hides the saddest and tragic life the two giants were forced to go through. For more than 20 years they were obliged to live in small cages and perform in front of people in order to entertain them. Their sufferings finally stopped once a group of very generous people managed to release them.

Once they were saved, the two poor elephants were instantly taken to a sanctuary and now they emotionally met again!

The rescuers were completely shocked witnessing the priceless reaction of these giant creatures. They explained that they kept hugging each other for a relatively long time and couldn’t stop enjoying the moment.

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