How did the fate of the Clements sisters, who were called “the most beautiful twins in the world”

The girls, who succeeded in modelling at the age of 7

On July 7, 2010, the twins Ava and Leah were born to Jaka and Kevin Clements. Soon after birth, relatives, and even strangers began to pay attention to the external data of girls. Many believed that the girls had a successful modeling career, but their mother did not even want to think about it.

But after a while, she herself noticed that her daughters have model data. So she enrolled her six-month-old daughters in a modeling agency in California. This attempt did not bear fruit, because over time, the parents realized that their daughter should grow up with peers and socialize, and not work from the very cradle.

At the age of 7, Jackie invited her daughters to try themselves as models. The girls enthusiastically accepted this offer. Luckily, a friend of Jaka’s just at that moment needed small models to advertise the boutique. And so began the career of Ava and Leah.

Over time, scouts drew attention to the girls, one of them offered to collaborate with the Barbie brand. After that, proposals for cooperation literally rained down on the family. Now 10-year-old girls are working with LA Models. They have appeared in commercials for brands such as Nike, Disney, Mattel and Target, and have also taken part in several fashion shows for Levi’s and Converse.

Parents make sure that modeling does not interfere with the education and hobbies of their daughters. Girls go to school, swim and dance, and socialize with friends. And only in their free time from these activities, they work as models. Jackie maintains a page on Instagram, where he publishes photos of his daughters. Now she has about 1.7 million followers.

Last year, their father Kevin was diagnosed with cancer. The little ones turned to their subscribers with a request for help, as their father urgently needed a donor. The disease was defeated, but Kevin’s immunity is weakened, so he sees his daughters only in the hospital, where he has to stay because of the virus epidemic.

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