Seeing the squirrel’s strange behaviour the couple realised that he was thirsty

The cute squirrel made the tourists understand what he wanted

A man named Paul Camps who lives in England went to the Grand Canyon where he saw a nice squirrel with strange behaviour.

First the cutie followed the man than raised his hands as he wanted something from him. After that Paul gave his bottle to his girlfriend in order to take a photo. Then the squirrel raised his hands towards his girlfriend.

They understood that the poor baby was thirsty and wanted some water to drink. The man opened the bottle and helped him to drink from it. The cutie caught the bottle with his arms in order to keep it straight and comfortable for him.

Luckily the squirrel met these kind people who didn’t ignore him and helped with great pleasure.

It is clear that they didn’t use the same bottle any more after the animal finished drinking.

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