Lion climbs into safari vehicle full of people to ask for cuddles

Regardless how much you love big wild cats, it goes without saying they are extremely dangerous animals and getting too close to: them is not the best of ideas. However, after watching this friendly lion jumping into a car full of tourists – you just may put all of that behind.

It happened during a safari at the Taigan Safari Park in: Vilnohirsk, Crimea, where one of the lions wanted to show everyone he’s nothing but a huge gentle giant. “So when he noticed a vehicle full of tourists’ the lion named: Filya just climbed aboard. The massive cat showed no signs of aggression, even more he proved to be very affectionate with the surprised tourists as he started to lick many of them.

As Filya was begging for some belly rubs and cuddles, everyone on board seemed extremely comfortable in his company. Some of the people even grabbed a couple of selfies with the adorable feline. A confusing sight at first, yet this wildlife park is known for letting its wildlife to have close encounters with the visitors.

Even though, you should know that lions, like all wild animals are pretty unpredictable and petting them is as dangerous is it sounds – so be aware of it, next-time you get close to a wild creature.

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