Man breaks down when he’s reunited, with his lost dog after 4 years

For Mike Plas, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, his beloved dog, Jack, meant everything – his very best friend, his brother, his most loyal companion. So you can’t even imagine how he must have felt when his furry pal went missing. Desperate, Mike searched him for years, but unsuccessfully though. Nonetheless, he never lost hope, he never gave up on searching. Fortunately, the two reunited after over four years, and the moment was overwhelming!



Jack , a lovely Husky-shepherd mix / was at Mike’s parents place went he got lost. He was playing outside their house, and he suddenly disappeared. But, initially, Jack’s mother thought he might be at a neighbors place, as he does for so many time. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there…and after hours of searching, they realized he’s nowhere in the neighborhood. It’s is when Mike got very worried as he feared his dog could have lost in the wood nearby his parents’ house.


“We did everything together – we went fishing together, he came to work with me half the time. I’d take time off work to celebrate his birthday with him,” Mike said. ‘Some days I’d get really upset, when I’m missing him a lot. But I never lost hope.’

For months after, Mike, helped by: his family and friends kept looking for Jack all over. They even spread flyers with hope someone has spotted him, but all their efforts proved in vain. But, after 4 years, when no one thought finding Jack is still possible, excepting Mike, a phone call changed everything.


Facebook:Centennial Animal Hospital

On a Thursday afternoon, while at work, Mike got a phone call. He was asked if he owns a dog named Jack. In that moment, the emotions started to take over his body. Anyway, Mike told them his dog went missing years ago, so it would have been unlikely to be the same dog, but they couldn’t be wrong since Jack was microchipped.

“So I got the greatest phone call./ I’ve ever gotten yesterday at work around 2:40pm…. an animal shelter from Winnipeg called me and ask my name and if I had a dog named Jack!?,” Mike wrote on Facebook. “So I said I lost him 4 years ago in Ontario. And then they said ‘well we got your info from his microchip and he’s here in Winnipeg’.”


Facebook/Mike Plas


The phone call came from the: Centennial Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, 400 miles away from Mike’s place. However, he jumped into his car and drove over there, to reunite with his friend. The moment, Mike have seen his dog for the first time in over four years, was heart.warming. / He just broke down in tears while holding his Husky into his arms.

“So, the ext day we finished the drive to Winnipeg, and me, Kenzi, my sister and husband went to the shelter and told them who I was, showed them a picture of me and Jack and they brought him out and instantly felt like my life; was back- to normal,” Mike explained. “Life without him has never been the same and the feeling of having Jacko back is unexplainable. Never EVER lose hope…. “I didn’t and after 4 years apart in different provinces we are together again!”

Watch the beautiful moment:

As it turned out, Jack was stolen from Mike’s parents property. Yet, the animal hospital has no idea how he ended up; in Winnipeg, which is over 400 miles away. But that, does not even matter now, because these two-friends are together again.

“When they opened up the door and he saw me, he started going crazy,’ Mike explained the reunion.  – “He started crying, kissing me, rolled over on the ground and wanted me to pet his belly. His tail hasn’t stopped wagging for a while.”

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