A puppy takes her first steps towards a new life

This adorable puppy, named Kat is from a meat farm in South Korea. Due to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and Humane Society International she could take her first steps outside a cage.

Now she has a beautiful small playroom with a bed and toys. She isn’t used to such life and she is afraid of doing anything!

Kat prepares for freedom. Yippi!

Kat examines her new living conditions.

Is it my bed? Kat hasn’t seen such kind of bed before!!!

Kat wasn’t used to dinner table. And this is a blessing!

Unfortunately, growing puppies on dog meat farms in a usual practice. Many dogs don’t have even water or food and live in degrading conditions inside the dusty cages. 

Fortunately, there are many rescue organisations, that try to end this hateful practice. Many people try to catch the dogs, but sometimes they try to teach workers of the dog meat farm to grow crops to earn money and feed their families.

There are many dogs like Kat.

Here’s the video of her cute reaction to her freedom!

Видео из интернета

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