Afflicted dog rejects to leave his owner’s side after his death

Unhappily like all relationships, your friendship with an animal has a decease date, but the connection you plan lasts forever. Last week this dog, named Cesar lost his owner. Mehmet Ilhan, a 79-year-old man died calmly in the hospital in Turkey, and his pet was greatly depressed. “When my father was in hospital, our dog, named Cesar stopped eating.”

When he has passed away, Cesar still didn’t want to leave his side. At the funeral the dog guided the funeral procession to where Mehmet’s grave was placed. As Mehmet’s son told “Nobody could touch him, just before my father was buried.”

Mehmet’s son took the dog home, but for the next five days the dog continued to return to his owner’s grave. “The workers of the cemetery say, that every morning he visits my father’s grave.”


Mehmet’s son affirms to do everything for cheering the poor pet: “Cesar has always been a loyal animal and now he will continue to love with me.” said Ali.


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