The Blind Catty Twins are Always There to Support Each Other from the Very First Day

The twins who always support and assist each other

A stray cat mommy appeared in one lady’s backyard in Sydney, Australia with her two stray kittens. The kind and caring woman couldn’t remain indifferent and she started feeding the cuties every day. But a short time later she noticed that there was something unusual about their eyes. Despite the fact that they already 3 weeks old their eyes were yet closed and then she found out that they were blind… The woman wanted to look after the cuties but she was in a very difficult financial situation that’s why she decided to call a rescue group called Inner City Strays and they fortunately agreed to take the catties in.

The shelter staff told that when they first saw the kittens they were amazed by their cuteness and their beauty. They were named Steve and Isaac. Before taking them to the shelter they took them to the vet  where it turned out that both needed eye surgery.

What’s more interesting about the cutie pies is that they feel each other. Steve the catty is completely blind whereas Isaac can see with one eye and when he sees that Steve isn’t next to him he immediately starts crying and calling his brother and Isaac quickly comes running. They both can’t live without each other and that’s why they feels embarrassed when one of them isn’t there.

Fortunately, the lady gave the cuties a chance for a better life.

Stevie strongly relies on Isaac and if he feels somehow sad and alone he cries and Isaac the cutie runs for help.

He never gets upset when  Isaac is near. They are probably the best friends ever!

Once both catties completely recover they will be adopted.

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