The little girl can lead 6 dangerous doggies which has attracted thousands of people from all over the world.

What the 4 years old girl did with 6 Pit Bulls is unbelievable

We all know how dangerous Pit Bulld can be. However they are considered America’s favourite dogs. People need to train them for many years. They used these animal for fights or other aggressive cases.

Nina Wahl shared a very amazing video about the 4 years old girl who controlls 6 Pit Bulls and gaves them some food.

The video has attracted a great number of people from all over the world. Some people think that the woman put the girl’s life in danger by leting her to befriend with these dangerous doggies. Others think in a different way. They say that after watching the video many people will change their opinion about these animals. And the woman really posted the video for only one reason: to show people that their belief about this breed is not right and they are really faithful and kind animals.

The cute girl fill their food in the bowls. The smart doggies sit next to each other and wait for the command. When the little girl counts to 3 the hungry animals immediately begin to eat.
How patient they are!

This shows that no matter what types of animals they are. If they are trained well and correctly they can’t be aggressive and dangerous.

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