When the couple found the feral catty, they never expected that she would become their undivided part

After saving the feral catty, the family was related to her closely. It is so exciting

It is obvious that the difference between the feral and stray cats is huge. Feral catties don’t like to communicate with humanity, unlike stray ones.

In the same way people avoid contacting with them, so they have nothing in common. Even some of them have never seen any person during their whole life, so being next to humanity is stressful for them.

In one of the regions of South Africa a family found a tiny kitten who was in need, so they hurried to help and take care about her.

Although her true name is McCavity the family called her Weasel.

The rescuers knew that the baby was wild, but they didn’t change their mind connected to her adoption, but before doing it they have many concerns.

First of all she lived far from humanity and being next to them will be unpleasant for her.

She only saw wild life, so making the catty change her life was difficult and stressful.

First she afraid of communicate with her new family and escaped from them. But her owner took nice photos how she had a rest in the open air.

She began to play with a patch of cloth and it became her lovely occupation.

But later she became their lovely catty, who likes to spend her time with her new family. She hugs her owners a lot and sometimes sleeps in their bed.

After some time she started to demand many things.

For instance she is ready to cry for hours until her daddy makes a comfortable bed between his legs.

Now she is the happiness of the family with whom they enjoy their time. She even can “make biscuits”. It sounds crazy!

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