Meet the cutest and most lovable miniature horse whose happiness recognizes no limits while playing with his owner

Here is, perhaps, the most adorable miniature horse you have ever came across

It is an indisputable issue that all little creatures are absolutely lovable and cute, yet, this adorable miniature horse was the one who stole millions of people’s hearts on social media. In the course of playing with his owner, he seems to have a true enjoyment which is, of course, pleasant to watch.

It is proved not once that little horses are actually very trusty and friendly companions. They truly get pleasure interacting and playing with their caring owners by whom they are literally adored. They are also believed to be therapy animals able to support the one who appears in need for help. And, these days, Department of Transportation in US allowed these miniature horses fly on any airline.

Thus, the most commonly recognized animal service officially added these animals on the list who are permitted to fly with their owners on any airline.

What concerns their origin, this kind of horses date back to the 15-16 centuries and came as a result of a selective breeding and were originally used as pets by the noble and aristocrat classes of Europe. They can be 30-40 inches high and can live about 25-30 years.

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