The baby helped the frightened doggy overcome his fears. The scene was crazy

First the water sprinkler was frightening for the doggy but thanks to the baby he changed his mind

We all know that German Shepherds play an important role in society. They are considered clever, faithful and useful, but in some cases they can do many strange things, too.

Here is the great example of their strangeness. The German Shepherd was frightened by the water sprinkler.

When the doggy was afraid of it the baby supported him by showing that there was nothing terrible. The animal was looking at the baby carefully who touched it and showed that it wasn’t frightening.

When the doggy got sure that it was safe he approached it step by step and finally understood that it was’t frightening. He began to play and have fun with the water.

The owner couldn’t keep her laugh after seeing this amazing scene.

The happiness of the doggy was indescribable who couldn’t stop playing with it.

The video is very crazy and interesting.

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