The family shelters elder dog and after an hour returned him considering to be “too sad”

An hour is too small for a recently sheltered dog to become acquainted to a new house. Many people know that. But an elder dog in California, Gardena has only an hour at the new house, before he was returned to the shelter. 

Wally, a nine-year-old pit bull mixture is living at the Carson Animal Services address waiting for someone to shelter him. The people returned him saying it seemed to be too sad after leaving the shelter. He required assistance from a prominent rescue or a caring home. 

Just look at this cutie

If you live near La County and would like to shelter Wally, send your contacts to Carson Fosters. If you’re not living near this area, but still want to shelter a dog or a cat find a shelter in the area where you live. The ideal pet must be waiting for you!

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