It is so hard to see the smart doggy’s behaviour when she saw her dying owner

The faithful doggy’s emotions were indescribable when she understood that her owner was dying.

Before bringing a pet to our home, first we must think about the fact that one day our lovely animal will leave us. It is so difficult for animal lovers to lose their favourite animal with whom they live in the same place. Doggies also have the same feelings like people. When they understand that one day they can lose their owners they suffer a lot.

As for our doggy Mollie, she coudln’t hide her emotions when knew that her daddy was in a serious condition.

The workers of the hospital knew that the doggies love towards her owner was great, so they decided to let her to enter the room and say goodbye to the dying man.

After watching the video our hearts are broken into tears. In the video the poor doggy came to her lovely owner who was dying. What happened then was really exciting.

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