She has no arms and legs, but she still learned how to cook, drive and sew

A strong girl, who overcame everything

Barely born, baby Amy Brooks from Pittsburgh lost her parents – they simply abandoned her.

The reason for this decision was a birth defect, which, according to doctors, had an extremely severe effect on the arms and legs of the baby.

But fortunately, soon there were people who decided to give Amy their love. Having adopted the baby, the family gave her their last name – Brooks.

According to Amy, at first the doctors were afraid to give her even one chance to become independent.

But her new and now real parents refused to put up with cruel diagnoses and began to fight for Amy’s future, leaving no hope of victory.

And over time, their successes began to multiply, literally blossoming into a new life for their daughter! Today Amy has become so strong that she is already learning to drive a car.

Recently, the girl turned 37 years old and she believes in herself, realizing that although she is forced to do everything differently than people with ordinary limbs, she can still cope with everything.

Amy’s YouTube channel called “How Does She Do It?” (How does she do it?) gathers a lot of subscribers every day, looking forward to new videos of the girl and writing positive, encouraging and approving comments to her.

Amy admits that doing ordinary everyday, daily activities without legs and arms for the video is not what she would like to do in principle.

But despite some discomfort in front of the camera, she continues to take notes, believing that in this way she can support other people who have similar problems to her.

The girl also likes to take pictures, she copes with all the necessary actions for this, using her shoulder, mouth and chin.

In addition, Amy enjoys sewing and considers it one of her most significant accomplishments to date. The bags Amy made can be bought on Facebook.

Amy’s parents have always supported their daughter’s undertakings, because it was their dream – for her to be happy and independent.

But the girl’s mother, Janet, admits that she did not expect Amy’s success to be so bright, multifaceted and attract such attention.

A loving family believes that Amy has a lot of good ahead, and the girl herself likes to think about what else she can learn interesting and useful

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