This optical illusion can “test” vision. How many numbers do you see in the picture?

An optical illusion, that helps to test your vision

If you look closely at the central part of the picture, you can see a set of numbers. There are disputes on the Internet about this.

This is a popular optical illusion in which everyone sees different results. So, three numbers are noticeable to someone: 528, while others see more than 7 designations.

Not so long ago, this optical illusion appeared on the expanses of social networks. It was published by one successful blogger, who invited the user to consider the numbers in the central part. Many users are interested in this experiment.

Commentators were quick to leave their answers. Some published a set of three, others of five, and still others of seven numbers.

Correct answer: 3452839

There were also those who could not see anything at all. The fact is that people see different results due to the sensitivity of vision to gray-black objects. In reality, seven numbers are encrypted in the illusion, but not all people have the opportunity to see them.

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