The dying horse later became a winner thanks to the kind-hearted rescuers.

The horse who was rescued from death is now unrecognisable

The case took place in Britain which is very touching and melts everyone’s hearts.

After seeing the dying horse completely in the mud they stayed speechless. The poor baby was in the serious condition and the rescuers doubted that she would live.

The poor animal named Heidi was fallen near the building in East Durham.

The heartless people threw the cutie away and it was obvious that the horse had suffered a lot.

The rescuers immediately started to work although they lost their hope that the animal would survive.

They took her to the refuge and did their best for saving her life. Surprisingly, the strong animal began to be recovered day by day which amazed everyone.

The brave animal was able to overcome all difficulties.

After 5 weeks she managed to stand and after some months she was recovered completely and became stronger and healthier.

Now the cutie can run quickly and enjoy her funny life.

Her whole treatment lasted about a year and after it she looks completely different.

Now she excites everyone with her nice long hair and she is really happy and funny and probably forgets about her torments.

The most important thing is that Heidi is now winning awards.

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