A woman, named Betty White celebrated her 99th birthday with a giant brown bear

A fabulous actress shared a cute photo with a giant bear

The fabulous Betty White, who celebrated her 99th birthday, but she looked even more stronger and happier. She proves everyone, that the age is just a number, she has a number of interests, that especially teenagers do. Recently, the fabulous actress posed with a huge bear and even gave him a kiss.

Betty White is one of the famous comedians in America and she is also famous for her love of animals. Due to her love and devotion for animals she became one of the most popular human rights advocate. Betty loves all animals, from the tiniest kitten to the biggest.

The old lady recently shared an adorable photo with a huge bear, named Bam Bam, that lives in the Los Angeles Zoo. Although this amazing moment was the purest scene of love, that human and an animal can share, Betty told, that she was at first very nervous.

“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, it was a real challenge. In fact, I’m the luckiest old woman. I spent half of my life working as an actress, and the other half working with animals.”

Everyone, who knows Betty, say, she’s a cute person with the most kind heart. One of her friends say, that Betty is very charming and respectful. She has a far closer relationship to animals, than with people.

You can watch their cute video:

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