Despite of the difficulties, the cute deer could finally find his happiness. The baby is fascinating!

The helpless deer brings joy and happiness to everyone

The two days old deer named Rudie needed help because his one leg was cut and from that time his life became difficult.

It was obvious that the poor baby needed serious treatment and must stay under the care of vets.

After taking him to the doctor, it turned out that the only solution of his problem was amputating his leg. So his life with only three legs was uneasy and he had to overcome all difficulties.

The first problem was where he would live.

Fortunately, one of the caring vets made a decision to take care about him and suggested him forever home. From that time his life was completely changed.

Now he enjoys his time with not only caring people, but also friendly and joyful animals with whom he created a real friendship giving them a lot of love and dedication.

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