Generous people helped the pure wolf with a the bottle stuck on his head

The pure wolf’s head was stuck in a bottle

This story took place in India. A group of photographers went to the forest to capture forest animals, when they saw something extraordinary.

They noticed a dog with an unusual object on his head. When they came closer they saw, that it wasn’t a dog, but wolf. And it was a plastic bottle on his head. This plastic bottle was tied up to his head and they couldn’t take it out. And also they saw a pack of wolves, that were looking from the bushes what was going on with their brother.

They called for help rescuers and vets. They decided to cut the plastic bottle trying not to harm the wolf. He had a very strenuous breathing and they gave him medicine.

After some time the photographers went to the forest one more time and they saw the same wolf, watching them very attentively. It seemed, that he came here to show his gratitude towards his rescuers.

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