Dog Saved From A Life Chained Up In The Snow Finally Realizes He’s Safe

They sometimes say that ‘hope springs eternal’ and it was hope that keeps Roscoe going.

He was tied in an abandoned house with some straw to keep him warm. On a weekly basis, his family would drive by to give him some kibble. Roscoe kept his hope alive, even when his food and water ran out and hoped that he would be saved one day

Things took a turn for the worse when the snow started to fall in Illinois. Suddenly, the dog wondered if he would make it until the morning.

As it turns out, someone was watching over the pup. A citizen called the Effingham County Animal Control and Shelter and reported what was happening with the little dog. Officer Vanessa Skavlem and Warden Michelle Shoot didn’t waste any time.

“They called us because it had just snowed the night before, and for southern Illinois, it was a large amount of snow and super cold,” Skavlem told The Dodo. “He was just shivering to death because he was less than 10 pounds.”

When Roscoe saw the officers arrive, he knew his troubles were over. “He was just so happy to see us, he came running out,” Skavlem said

Roscoe was wrapped in a blanket and taken to the car. It was the first time he was warm in weeks. Roscoe was overjoyed: “He was just so happy, you could tell,” Skavlem added. “He would just whine over and over and over.”

They fed the pup some biscuits and gravy and then Roscoe relaxed into his rescuer’s arms.

Skavlem took a picture of the dog resting and posted it to Facebook with the caption: “We have a heated environment in there, and he has all his little blankies,” Skavlem said. “When he comes into the office, he’s so happy he wiggles and jumps up on you.”

Roscoe still whines when his rescuers are around, just to let them know he is still happy. “He does this adorable whine that’s almost as if he’s talking to you,” Skavlem said. “You know, it just feels like he has emotions and he’s grateful.”

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