Tiniest Wounded Puppy Hears Her Voice, Comes Into Yard & Begs For Help

Knowing he needed help, he came over from another yard, laboring from the wounds on his small body, writes ilovemydogsomuch

He was only a few weeks old. What had happened to his mother? What caused such an injury to a baby

The tiny pup was starving! As he lapped up some puppy formula, the rescuer notices that he’s also covered in hundreds of fleas. He could also be anemic. Poor pup

Next, the rescuer cleans his wound. She notices there are maggots already inside of it. She uses special powder to kill them and remove them too. As she dresses his wounds, he lets out the cutest little squeaks. He’s likely bothered by the bandages and protests a bit. But we all now that they are necessary to keep his wound clean and dry.

As the baby was being treated, another rescuer found his siblings! Mom sadly was nowhere to be found. Something had either happened to her or the puppies were discarded by a callous owner who didn’t want them.

With some time and healing, the tiny puppy makes tremendous progress. It’s amazing what a good diet, proper medical care, and lots of love can do. As you can see, he is certainly a fan of his new food!

The puppy’s wound is almost fully healed and his rescuer is fostering him. He will soon be big enough to go to his forever home. There are many willing adopters interested in the entire litter of pups!

We are so grateful that this little guy knew he needed help and came to the rescuers when he did. Watch his rescue story below!

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