Rescue dog barks five hours to save her 92-year-old owner

After a senior woman showed her but kindness and offered her a home, this rescue Chihuahua finds the perfect way to repay the debt – saving her life.

The tiny dog is being hailed as a hero, after saving her 92-year-old owner by barking for nearly five hours.

Ever since they first met, Marie Alexander, a senior from Inverness, Florida, and Sassy, a rescued dog, shared a very special bond. They soon became inseparable and comforted each other in the most charming of ways. But the tiny dog proved to be more than just a companion and a furry therapist for the 92-year-old lady. She showed she can be a hero as well!

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One morning, Marie went outside to check the mailbox, but she lost balance and fell on the ground. To make things even worst, Marie forget her cellphone inside the house, so – unable to move – she was now at the mercy of fate. But Sassy immediately realized her owner is in need of help, and she stepped up trying to help her. The loyal dog might to be able to lift Marie up, but she could bark instead until someone would hear her and come to the rescue. And so she did!

ABC Action News

“When I went to step up on a walkway, my foot twisted and I just fell backwards,” Marie told ABC Action News. “She ran down every car that passed. Sassy came up and laid beside me each time and licked my face.”

For nearly five hours, Sassy stayed by Marie’s side and constantly barked and followed every car that was passing by. Both exhausted due to the hot temperatures, Sassy and Marie didn’t give up, and eventually the dog’s incredible efforts paid off as a couple heard her and went to investigate the reason she’s desperately barking.

ABC Action News

Thankfully, the help arrived just in time and Marie was immediately taken to the hospital. She was very dehydrated and suffered bruised ribs, but she’ll soon recover. All thanks to her very loyal furry friend!

“I saved her at the shelter and she saved me,” the woman said. “People don’t give animals credit for what they do!”

More about this story in the video below!

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