A cute and lovely dalmatian, named Wiley became famous for his heart-shaped nose and people just adore him

Here is a story about a cute dog named Wiley. The owner of the dog is Lexi Smith noticed something unusual and unique on the nose of the dog.

The dog became popular with her heart shaped nose. Lexi adopted the dog not only for her cute appearance but also for her cute habbits.

The dog is very good-natured. The dog adores kissing, hugging and sleeping with her owner. She even jokes by saying that both of them are fond of the same things.

The dog and Smith live in Colorado. Colorado is a very nice place for the dog to run, play and just have fun.

As all the dalmatians, Wiley also has a stubborn character. The dog is very lively and adores adventures.

The dog does not make his owner sad. The dog brightens the day of his owner and makes his day happier and full of energy. Lexi is happy to have such dalmatian in his life as he is very adorable.

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