A kind priest gives a chance to stray dogs to come into a church and get people to adopt these stray dogs

A kind prist named João Paulo de Araujo Gomes made a decision to help unsheltered dogs in Brazil.

Father Gomes gives the stray dogs an opportunity to come inside the church. The priest brings the unsheltered dogs into the church on Sundays during the mass, hoping that the dogs wil be adopted.

Father Gomes just wants that these homeless dogs have a forever home and be soon adopted. He is an animal lover.

The priest gives the stray dogs not only a shelter but also medical treatment and food.

Father Gomes himself adopted many stray dogs. He also works with volunteers who help to create a place for the feeding and staying of stray dogs.

Father Gomes says that this is a way of spreading kindness towards animals. This is very important both for the planet and for the humanity.

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