In Frozen Weather Chained Dog Found Taking Turns Keeping One Paw Off The Cold Ground

Diesel, a poor dog, spent more than 4 years alone in minus 40-degree in Yukon Canada. He was chained up, with a very frozen ground, and he always tries to hold one paw off the frozen ground. He was totally isolated without any human he was kicked in his mouth by a horse, and he was also attacked by some loose dogs.

Thankfully, Animal Advocates finally rescued him, and they made sure that he will live the rest of his life with comfort and love. When they rescued him, they directly flew him to a center in Vancouver. Where he was treated, and nine wounds were removed from his body.

Regardless of what happened with him, Diesel is a very lovable, adorable and friendly dog.

Thanks for these good people who helped him and try their best to make the rest of his life nice and lovely.

Watch the video below.

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