The Dog Came Every Day For Food And Took It In A Bag To The Underpass. The Man Followed It

Animals have incredible loyalty. Every day, this dog collected food in a sack from passers-by and delivered it to its elderly homeless owner, writes doginspiration

On a construction site, Ivan works as a crane driver. After another long day at work, the man decided to take a road home because he was exhausted, and he chose a route that passed past the yards of houses. He also observed that a dog was trailing him.

It was obvious that it was a wanderer. However, the man was taken aback by the fact that the dog was carrying a parcel between its teeth. As a result, they walked hand in hand till the man returned home. Ivan incontinently started about preparing his own food at home, despite the fact that he was practically starving. He peeked out the window at this point and noticed the same canine that had been following him all the way under his window. It has a depressing appearance.

The man assumed the dog was indeed hungry, so he grabbed the chain and chuck and fed the poor creature.

Ivan decided to peek at Siru’s Gerst from outside the window. The dog, to his amazement, put all of the food in a bag and left.

Ivan spotted the dog again three days later. The dog remained near the entrance as the man went up to his bottom for another portion of delights for the canine. The dog ate the food in the same manner as before.

The man afterwards decided to put all of the food in a bag and follow the dog. So they proceeded for about a kilometer, and the dog went to the shelter, while an elderly gentleman sat on the side of the road.

The dog presented the package to its owner, who divided the contents in half. He gave half of it to his long-time companion.

The canine’s, act touched Ivan veritably much, who helped its proprietor during the most delicate period in his life.

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