Stray dog walks over 100 miles to return to elderly couple who had shown her kindness

This story took place in the Argentine city of Rivadavia in 2015.

An elderly couple found a homeless pregnant dog on the street.

She was hungry and clearly unwell.

The couple, taking pity on the animal, began to take care of her, and when it was time to give birth, they helped her, and then – her newborn puppies.

After the pups grew up a little, and they could be weaned from their mother, kind people found them a new home.

Despite the fact that the couple became attached to Negrita – that’s what they called the dog, they could not take her to them, because they felt that due to their age they would not be able to take care of her.

Stray dog walks over 100 miles to return to elderly couple who had shown her kindness

Then they found a new owner for her – an old friend from the neighboring city of Jáchal – and they themselves took the ward to him.

Everything was going well, but two weeks later, Negrita’s new owner called and said that the dog had run away from home.

He searched for her everywhere, but it seemed like her trail went cold.

Days and weeks passed, but Negrita did not return.

The owner had already lost hope of finding a pet, when suddenly one day Negrita appeared on the threshold of the house of that elderly couple who helped her in difficult times.

It turned out that all this time she was looking for them!

The dog walked 161 kilometers to return from Jáchal to Rivadavia.

The long journey had robbed her of her strength: Negrita had lost a lot of weight and was covered in dirt and wounds.

Back at home, the dog drank a whole bucket of water and then slept for 24 hours straight.

The astonished couple called their friend and told him that Negrita had returned.

The man offered to come and pick her up, but this time the couple decided not to part with the dog – after all, how can you betray such loyalty!

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