The «Unique» Girl Was Born 8 Years Ago: How The The Kid Lives Today, Without a nose

The little Tessa was born a completely healthy girl but has a little uniqueness: her uniqueness is that from birth she doesn’t have a nose. This is such a rare incident that there are only 100 babies all over the world and one of them is our heroine.

Although she doesn’t have the sense of smell she can catch the flu and even sneeze because of the dust.

The girl is so active from birth that wants to get acquainted with all

the surrounding things. She is an absolutely healthy and normal girl for her parents. And she has a brother and a sister.

With such uniqueness she also has  health problems: she doesn’t have sight for one eye and she had surgery, she also has a heart problem.

But the parents don’t get depressed but do everything to make her feel like a complete child. By the way, when she becomes grown up she can have a nose prosthesis.

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