“Just Unbelievable”: Florida Woman Has The World’s Longest Locs – 110 Feet!

Asha Mandela is sure that her hair is a source of strength. Therefore, for many years she grew them and braided them. Today, the 56-year-old American’s dreadlocks mesure up to 33.5 m (110 ft).

According to Asha, her hair can be considered a kind of “antenna” through which she receives positive vibrations from the outside world. The woman professes Rastafarianism and believes that this approach to her hair helps her stay healthy.

At the same time, such a hairstyle creates a lot of inconvenience for her. Every week she spends two days caring for her dreadlocks, and she has to carry them in her bag. Asha regularly goes to the gym to train her back, because such heavy hair can create many problems and even lead to paralysis.

Problems still do not stop the American. She sees more pluses than minuses in her dreadlocks, and her husband Emmanuel fully supports her.

What do you think about such long hair?

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