“Fast And The Furious” Actor Vin Diesel Is Unrecognizable After Growing A Belly And Hair

The actor has outdone himself.
The role of Dominic Toretto in the film franchise “Fast and the Furious” has become the hallmark of Vin Diesel. The audience is accustomed to the image of a fearless street racer and a former prisoner, but the actor tried on other roles.

Perhaps the most inconspicuous picture in the filmography of a celebrity was a project called “Find Me Guilty” in 2006. But to participate in it, the actor had to radically change his appearance.

From a lean, bald macho man, he turned into a loose and unremarkable man with hair and a paunch. To embody the middle-aged mafia Jackie Dinorzio, the screen star acquired at least 15 extra pounds.

Interestingly, the film by Sidney Lumet allowed the actor not only to appear before the public unusually but also to demonstrate his acting talent in all its glory. Those who nevertheless saw the film noted that the artist did not play an overgrown jock, but mastered a completely dramatic role.

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