Nuns Participate in a Popular Dance Competition…Look what they did(video)

The Soli Sisters are a Canadian group from Ontario.

When these nuns aren’t providing care for the elderly or teaching the Catholic faith,they’re competing in modern dance competitions just to cheer everyone up!

Sharing our pleasure and hope in Christ despite a pandemic, they uploaded the clip below to YouTube.

Always rejoice in the Lord! All praise to God! The SOLI Sisters wish you a happy Easter. Over 3.5 million people

have watched their dance on YouTube alone, and they’ve received a lot of great comments from people all over the world!

Nobody could have predicted the ’Jerusalem Challenge’s’ level of popularity, and I’m sure no one could have predicted that

Catholics from Brazil to Ireland would come up with their own creative response to the trend, but they have, and it’s awesome!

These women have recently been studying how to dance in vogue in addition to practicing their beliefs.

When they recorded their challenge and posted it online, they suddenly went viral themselves! Check out the video of their dance below.

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