Kathy Ireland Reveals Jesus Is Most Important Relationship In Her Life

The supermodel Kathy Ireland is opening up about her strong Christian faith, going so far as to say that Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in her life.

Ireland’s Relationship With Jesus Christ
“The most important relationship in my life is with Jesus and though I became a Christian at 18 … I am so grateful that God is so patient and so gracious,” Ireland, 59, told Fox News.Ireland went on to say that while she was a “slow learner” in that she didn’t begin her religious journey until she was a young adult, she’s a strong Christian woman now.

“I love that Scripture tells us ‘The one who is forgiven much, loves much,’ so I love a whole bunch,” Ireland said.

Ireland also talked about how grateful she is for the bond that she shares with Jesus Christ.

“Without Him, I don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be anywhere,” she said. “His love is unconditional, and it’s there for anyone to receive it. He’s there with open arms for everybody.”

Ireland On How She Found God
This comes two years after Ireland told Fox News about how she first found God while modeling abroad as a young woman.

“I was living in Paris and it was really a hard time,” she recalled. “I know it might sound glamorous, but I was alone modeling. It wasn’t my plan, but I recognized it as an opportunity. I could save money for college or start a business. I just barely finished high school and I had no technology or distractions.”

While going through her suitcase one night back in 1981, Ireland found the Bible that her mother had secretly packed for her.

“I didn’t even know how to read one,” she admitted. “I’d never read one before in my life. I opened up the Book of Matthew. And as I’m reading in the middle of the night, I knew I was holding the truth in my hands. There wasn’t anybody in the room saying, ‘Be this denomination or that denomination.’ It was like, ‘I want to follow Jesus Christ.’ And he was nothing like I thought.”

“In my industry, at that time, it was filled with a lot of really sketchy guys,” she continued. “I was drawn to how powerful Jesus was. How loving and honoring he was of women. It gave me such comfort. And so, he became my lord and savior. The experience forever changed my life.”

r time with your kids.’ So I started to set my alarm for 15 minutes [every morning] for a quick prayer. Those 10 minutes of prayer and reading turned into an hour and more. It’s not a duty. It’s a joy. It’s my daily bread and water.”

“And on days that I don’t do that, it’s not a good idea,” she added with a laugh. “Because if I open my mouth to say something, I’ll be apologizing before 8 a.m.”

There are far too few openly Christian people in the entertainment world today, so we applaud Ireland for speaking out about her faith. Here’s hoping that her words can encourage others to find God as well!

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