Goldie Hawn, 77, Arrives in New York Without Makeup or Hair Color, Accepting Her Age

Goldie Hawn, best known for her roles in “Snatched” and “Overboard,” was recently spotted strolling through the streets of New York City. The 77-year-old actress wore no makeup and a puffy black overcoat to stay toasty in the pouring weather.

This newest outing, on Friday, February 15, comes just a few days after Goldie was sighted strolling through the city with her boyfriend, Kurt Russell. The couple enjoyed some valuable time together for Valentine’s Day, and they were seen smiling as they walked through the city.

Goldie Hawn at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California on October 23, 2022 | Source: Getty Images

Going out and about is nothing new for Goldie, who has long preached the virtues of a busy lifestyle. The performer urged others to make time for physical activities and maintained that being outside has numerous health advantages.

People should attempt training on a tiny trampoline, according to the actress.

Goldie Hawn in Aspen, Colorado on December 23, 2022 | Source: Getty Images

Goldie assured her fans that physical exercise and spending time in nature could help concentration and mental health. She also mentioned that staying active rather than sitting around all day could help physical wellness.

Ageless In New York, Goldie Was Spotted Walking Without Makeup in the Storm.
Goldie looked stunning even without cosmetics as she strolled around the city in her puffer jacket and smoothie in hand. Black skinny pants, a black blouse, and a black-and-white shirt wrapped around the actress’ midriff completed her ensemble. She completed the look with a crimson pendant, gold earrings, and black shoes.

Goldie isn’t attempting to avoid her prime years like many elderly Hollywood celebrities do.

On January 26, 2011, Goldie Hawn was spotted in London, United Kingdom.

The actress took a leisurely stroll through the city streets, letting her trademark golden hair hang loose. A few days prior, the starlet went on a Valentine’s date with her spouse while sporting the exact same puffer parka. Kurt and Goldie were photographed grinning at each other and doing what Goldie advises all of her admirers to do:

Do you ever experience happiness after being in nature? Outdoor activities have amazing advantages for both our bodily and mental wellbeing, according to science!


On October 6, 2018, Goldie Hawn was spotted in Los Angeles, California.

The performer advised folks to try working out on a tiny trampoline. She pointed out that maintaining a busy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily require engaging in hour-long, intense exercise practices. Goldie opted for brief exercise sessions that would help to energize both her body and intellect.

Grandmother of Seven Discusses Aging and Discloses Beauty Tips at Age 77
As a well-known health enthusiast, Goldie has frequently shared her thoughts on aging. Goldie isn’t attempting to avoid her prime years like many elderly Hollywood celebrities do. Instead, she’s gained an optimistic perspective on aging that involves embracing aging without being scared of it.

Internet users shared their thoughts, claiming that Goldie has not aged well and that her figure has endured the most.

Goldie Hawn in Los Angeles, California on July 20, 2019 | Getty Images is the source for this image.

Goldie took a unique perspective on aging, believing that it is an indication that she is still living rather than an omen of impending mortality. She stated that getting older, like any other age, is a natural aspect of existence. Goldie strives to retain an optimistic outlook on life and a healthy routine as she ages. She noted the following:

“It isn’t a mystery. I endeavor to consume my liquids. I attempt to work out a little amount every day. I discover opportunities throughout the day. If I don’t have a lengthy early meditation, I do short ones throughout the day. I trek. I cycle. “I strive to have as much pleasure as I can.”

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in Los Angeles, California on October 21, 2015 | Getty Images is the source for this image.

In addition to remaining attentive and active, Goldie stated that she avoids complex, product-based skincare regimens. The actor likes to keep her beauty routine simple, washing her face before night and only using creams. She also stated that she rubs her skin to promote exfoliation.

In 2016, Goldie was sighted in Maui. At the time, the actress was making a comeback, appearing in a picture alongside Amy Schumer. Cameras captured her having fun at the shore. The starlet was captured in a swimsuit and sunglasses in the water. Fans, however, remarked on her physique:

“She’s wrinkled.”

Internet users shared their thoughts, claiming that Goldie has not aged well and that her figure has endured the most. “I’ve always had a flat butt and a flat bosom,” one said. “You need spectacles,” said another. Oh no, that’s a bad appearance. Apologies, GOLDIE…”

Having said that, many fans defended the actress, saying they were happy she had fun and disregarded the negative remarks. “She looks amazing,” one person said. She’s in excellent shape and appears to be leading a happy and healthy existence with Kurt.”

Goldie Hawn at the Hilton New York in New York City on September 20, 2022 | Source: Getty Images

Many admirers praised Goldie, saying she looked great for her age. Of course, admirers voiced their love for her films, with one user remarking, “She still has that cute smile.” Goldie appeared to turn the other way and ignore the criticism.

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