A mother gave birth to quadruplets at 65. They grew older and here is how they look now!

However. It is also possible that a woman is trying to give birth during all of this time, even up to the age of forty.

But at 65? What circumstances could have led to the Berlin educator Annegrett giving birth at such a young age?

Simply said, she has a deep and abiding love for children, and her youngest daughter, who is only ten years old, has already forgiven her younger brother and sister.

A lady raises all of her children by herself, despite the fact that the state went to meet her and provide a house in Herster, far away from the noisy and bustling Berlin, and today the life of this odd family is full of many tiny domestic adventures.

Annegrett Raunig is positive about the prospects for her children’s futures, reports that she is in good health and has plenty of energy, and is certain that her family will be well taken care of.

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