“The Sluttiest Dress of 2023.” Demi Rose wore an outfit you’d never dare try on in your life

Demi Rose was dubbed the “British Kim Kardashian” for her amazing physique.

The two actresses are quite similar. Unless, of course, you count Demi Rose’s 28th birthday at the end of March, and Kim’s 43rd birthday this September.

Other from that, they have a lot in common. Both are stunning brunettes with full buttocks, slender waists, and big breasts. Both are proud of their curves and do not mind sharing sensual images with their fans. By the way, their first steps to fame were the same: reality show appearances and candid images on social media.

Demi is still betting on “nude” images and daring clothing, whereas Kim has moved away from them. And she succeeds: her life is watched by 20 million subscribers, and foreign newspapers are always writing about her provocative costumes.

Demi’s new dress has already been dubbed the lewdest garment of 2023. Even if it is only the beginning of March, I doubt anyone will be able to outdo the model in terms of candor. This dress is more like a beautifully draped strip of cloth than a dress. It is evident that there is no underwear below.

Demi, on the other hand, is no stranger to such stylish imagery. Just look at her transparent clothing, which she wore to a steamy picture shoot.

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