When Linda married the 17-year-old, she was 52 years old. How the marriage is doing now, after 18 years

Jay and Linda met at the office. The juvenile facility employed Linda, 52, and her companion, 17, as staff members. Linda acknowledges that she and Jay have many interests—books, movies, and pastimes. Despite their striking age gap, the young man proposed to his coworker after getting Linda’s approval.

The pair soon became legally married, which greatly outraged the people. In the comments section below the couple’s photos, online viewers expressed outrage by saying, “She was old enough to be your grandma.” Linda and Jay just commemorated their 18th wedding anniversary. Despite the sarcastic remarks, the couple was able to forge a solid bond.

Despite the absence of children, Jay and Linda are content with their union and do not intend to divorce. Linda has given up a lot recently.

The woman is blind and uses a wheelchair, yet she is confidence in her companion. Linda claims that Jay has never once regretted his choice.

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