Jamie Lee Curtis addresses her transgender child and publishes pictures of her…

Jamie Lee Curtis made her major latest film, playing Laurie Strode in John Carpenter’s slasher flick Halloween.

Thus, she became known as a scream queen and landed roles in a number of scary movies, including The Fog, Prom Night, Horror Train, and Roadgames.

The American actress Jamie Lee Curtis, 64, expressed her pride in her daughter.

Ruby told People she knew she “was different” as early as 16, but didn’t come out until she told her current fiancé years later that she was “probably trans.”

By the way, not many people are aware that Thomas is Ruby’s real name. The young man made a difficult decision that fundamentally altered his life.

Ruby’s mother’s willingness is not shared by all online users. Recall that Ruby is Tony Curtis’s granddaughter. Tony Curtis is best known for his part in the movie “Only Girls in Jazz.”

Nobody is aware of what is happening. Netizens are at a lost for words and don’t know how to respond.

Nobody knows why the individual made such radical adjustments. Past admirers claimed that he did not at all fit the stereotype of a girl.

What are your thoughts on such changes? How would you respond if your heir made such a choice?

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